On the Wind

Who could dissolve to be scattered on the wind,
And survive, and escape, Time and Matter
To shine in Eternity’s Light?

With Baptism, You change my human nature,
Placing in me the seed that will change my path,
And in its maturation, slowly at first,
Send out shoots from the Vine,
Until Death releases it
From its shackles of this life
To blossom forth in the fullness of Christ,
The Perfect Man, the God-Man,
Who only now,
Extravagantly reveals His glory in me,
As the sun setting uses the dust of the atmosphere
To light the evening sky in the spectacle of the grandeur,
Exceeding human invention with nuances of color, gradations of beauty,
Befitting the power of a God Who Saves.

Copyright 2016 Joann Nelander

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