In This Hour

Listening, I hear, a Voice over the Water,
Louder than the many waters,
Moving over and above the world,
Mightier than thunder,
Appealing as the fair continence of an only Child.

Now, My People, is the hour to awaken,
Now, My sons and daughters, the time to rouse from your indifference.
My Dying is before You always,
Not as a distant memory,
But alive with My Glory
Alive in Your Baptism,
Breathing forth with every Eucharist.

In this hour of my agony,
In this time of pain,
You sleep and you dream.
You dream of a life of plenty,
As you run to listen to false prophets,
Promising abundance and power here in this val,
While your crosses lie by the wayside.

Open your eyes,
Rend your hearts,
That I may clothe you anew,
In the Grace of your Baptism.
Stir the dying embers,
And let Me fuel your devotion,
And cause holiness to spring from spent ashes.

The Breath of My Spirit
Coming on you as Pentecost renewed
Will raise flame and fire
In rekindled hearts.

Know this My children,
I have called you to this hour.
Grace shall urge you forth,
And the Word give you voice.
Be blind no more.
Be divided no more.
My Call, and My claim on your hearts,
Are greater than the world,
And promises of prosperity and plenty.
Satan tempted Me with such,
But I chose the Cup my Father chose for Me.

Look beyond this world,
See heaven open to you.
I Am Promise and Fulfillment.
I Am.
Be mother and father, brother and sister,
Son and daughter to Me.
Be servant and friend,
Spouse and Bride of My Heart.

Take My Hand that I might lift you
Beyond the promises of earthly palaces and pleasure,
For which you now pray.
See a new tomorrow.
Desire Me.
Choose Your Savior.
Be indifferent no more
To my Death upon the Cross.

Your were created for Truth and Justice,
Loveliness, and Honor,
Purity and a Beauty beyond the world and its mansions.
Look up and long for My Kingdom to come
Here in this hour,
Here in this place,
Here in your hearts.

©2016 Joann Nelander