A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Featuring the Voice of Mr. Sam Elliott

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The Bright Side with Cy Kellett

He is a noted columnist and editor, with a passion for helping you thrive in your faith and encouraging you to live it fully. Join the conversation by calling 888-914-9149.

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Lifting the Veil

Lift the veil in this morass of Sin,
That faith may blossom and hope enter in.
Let the Sun of Justice shine
Upon a people in decline,
That looking up from the tyranny of power and things
Your face may captivate and solace bring.

Pour down torrents of Thy Grace
To cleanse this dry and brutal place ,
Uproot to plant anew
A Day of peace like settled dew,
That minds be bright and intellects sublime
And our only glory may be Thine.

© 2016 Joann Nelander

Evangelize – Patrick Madrid