Jesus King of All Nations at Fatima – 1993

Jesus King of All Nations May Your Reign Be Recognized on Earth

Akita and the Secret

Triumphant Christ Jesus

My Art

Sun Upon a Meadow

Sun Upon a Meadow

Sitting in the sunshine of Your Love,
I lift my heart,
That elevated by caring Angels,
As the arms of Moses by Aaron and Hur,
The battle for my soul,
May be won by grace.

Bathed in the perpetual rays of Mercy,
Streaming from Your Sacred Heart,
Held aloft in holy prayer,
With the memory,
And succor of Mother Mary,
I radiate all that I receive.

Source and summit of my being,
Deem to vouchsafe,
In gracious condescension,
The Image of Your Jesus,
Here to hallow, hold and share,
As Sun upon a meadow.

© 2016 Joann Nelander

Shepherd of my Soul

Shepherd of my Soul

You are looking for me.
What else would a Shepherd do?

Here I am waiting for You to find me.
All the world can not satisfy a heart made for heaven.

© 2016 Joann Nelander