I Commend My Moments

I Commend My Moments

O Lord, at my death, speak my name.

All the moments of my life,
I vouchsafe to You.

As I breath my last,
Receive my sigh.

Call to awareness,
This poor pilgrim.

I am lost without a You.
I have spent my days in search of You.

Wandering, as a beggar,
Oblivious of my folly.
I guenched my thirst with sour wine.

Even in my concupiscence,
My heart has longed for You,

Fool that I am,
I have pursued beggars dreams,
Far from Your side.

Unwittingly, sought solace,
But been deceived.

Now, but speak my name.
From Your pierced side,
Let me drink Life.

copyright 2020 Joann Nelander