Consolation of Eve

Crayon and pencil by Sr. Grace Remington, OCSO
Copyright 2005, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey

Consolation of Eve

Mother Eve, waiting long,
Your bones resting in the earth,
At Adam’s side,
From which you were taken,
Waiting, waiting for the Woman.

Sustained in weary life by a Promise.
Enduring the grave,
Counting the centuries,
Waiting for Good News.
The Virgin is with Child. Rejoice!

©2011 Joann Nelander All rights reserved


While I wandered,
Wandered far,
Abba waits.
Winding roads and forests,
Miles and mountains,
Abba waits.
Husks and devolution,
Drunken prostitution,
All the while, Abba waits.
Humbled in revelation,
Plans of feeble protestation,
Still Abba waits.
Homeward, humbled,
Bowed and broken,
Eyes to the horizon, Abba waits
Heart aflame,
Running, embracing, gifting a son,
For from eternity, Abba waits

By Joann Nelander

A Votive Heart

A Votive Heart

Sweet Savior, I give to Thee my heart.
Make it as Thine own,
That it may love those in the world,
And those, having past from its bounds,
Not ready to see the Father’s glory.

With my every breath,
I wait on Thee,
Pleading the perfection of my cherished loves.
Pray, lift the veils persisting to obscureThy Beauty.

Let me be a living prayer,
A votive candle,
Burning on the altar of Thy Cross,
Whose smoke rises as incense
With Thy Resurrection from the dead.
I am a captive to Thy call upon my heart.

I draw each breath,
For those You  give me in this life,
By blood, as friend, foe, neighbor, passing stranger,
And those still alien to Thy love,
All, whom the Father desires
For life in You and in Thy glory.

© 2017 Joann Nelander