God on the Horizon

Lord, I rejoice to hear Your Voice

Echoing in my soul.

Through Your Word,

I have come to recognize that Voice,

Even amidst the chaos of the world.

“Come to Me”

“Do not be afraid”

“Stand firm”

“Your God is in your midst.”

Heaven sings

“My Lord” on the horizon.

Spanning the day with Your herald,

Coming forth with the dawn.

His notes color the firmament

In a symphony of splendor.

Playing with hues,

As with a pipe organ,

He pulls out the stops in promise,

Until he captures the morn,

And subdues it,

Making it His own.

In the mystery of You, O Lord.

He whispers to listening hearts,

“You are the Light of the world.”

With eventide He strides,

As Day’s work done.

Then God calls home the Sun.

But not without a closing “Hoorah,”

As over hill and dale,

He paints for fun,

And angelic artists

Shout His blazing Glory.

All is put to bed

Neath a cloak of many colors,

Finally, dimming their voices

To lullabies of peace

To sleep in childlike slumber,

Save for He, Who slumbers not.

God on the horizon,

Sun to sun,

Labor swallowed up in trust,

To await His Coming

In both darkness and the dawn,

All my life long.

By Joann Nelander