Fleeting Prayers – Arrows to the Heart

Fleeting prayers
Known but to God
Recorded in His Heart.
Nothing wasted.

All in flower, bearing fruit,
Supplying for the need
Of His Church,
Throughout Time,

Nothing wasted,
Nothing forgotten,
All in flower,
All bearing fruit.

Fleeting prayers
Known but to God
Nothing forgotten
Recorded in His Heart.

c Joann Nelander

Why Bishop Alphonse Gallegos could become California’s next canonized saint

“Often called “the bishop of the barrio,” Gallegos was a true missionary, a contemplative in action who had zeal for souls and was a living witness of Christ.”

“He would walk the dangerous streets at night in search of the “lost sheep,” the youth. He believed that education was key in order to stop the vicious cycle of poverty and violence in Watts.”

Could Bishop Alphonse Gallegos become California’s next canonized saint?