You Mount Your Cross

Jesus, You left Your throne for me. From eternity, You saw me.

Spoke my name.

Covered me in Holy Blood,

Your Blood.

My worthlessness

Is written in Sin.

You are infinite.

My limits bar me

From just restitution.

My poverty cried out to You.

You left heaven to come down,

Drawn to me

By my need.

You mount the Cross,

Your holy Cross.

In an infinite moment

Written in time,

You spanned eternity,

To heal the breech.

I see the Blood.

Unimaginable Your pain!

Sorrow and repentance!

I count the cost.

Finding my true worth,

I am drawn after You.

Jesus, You mount Your Cross.

Then, now and always,

You redeem,

Desiring, even, the unredeemable.

Now, here I am, beside you.

At your right hand,

I, now,serve.

To make amends my joy.

Even in death,

I will be Yours.

Joann Nelander