People of Praise

Your people praise you, O Lord.

As points of light,

Scattered about

The surface of the Earth.

Together with angelic choirs,

That dot the firmament,

Your children sing.

With fish, and bird,

With rivers and seas,

With mountains,

And heavenly heights,

Creation sings in chorus,

Affirmation, Acclamation,

And affection,

In sanctifying hosannas,

That fall as bountiful rain,

To water man and beast

With fruitful exaltation,

Multiplying our delight,

As we magnify our God.

We are Your mothers,

Fathers, sisters,

Brothers, friends

Of Your fold,

Returning praise,

And worship due.

Most High Lord

Of all creation.

In Your Light

We become Your Light.

Joann Nelander

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