One thought on “Your Soul Is On The Line – Choose Wisely

  1. I Would NOT Want to Be This Bishop on Judgement Day !!!!!!

    These Hell bound Bishops are Exactly like The Pharisees, Jesus Talked too and Warned us about !!!!! If Fr. Altman did NOT say Anything, This Would be a lack of Charity. Face Facts, these Bishops don’t want to save Souls, They want to Condemn Souls to Hell. Could it be that they know that they too will be Sentenced to Hell Eternal ? Remember The Word ‘ Woe ‘ Means ‘ Damned to Hell ‘ Jesus Said this to the Scribes and Pharisees Quite A Bit. This Entire Situation comes right from The Bible !!!!! Our Blessed Lord Called You Blind Then and Their Seed remains Blind even today. He Also Said ” A Good Tree Can Not Bear Bad Fruit Nor Can A Bad Tree Bear Good Fruit “, ‘ Time to Cut Down The Barron Fig Tree ‘ !!!!!! as You’be been given more than a year.


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