Holy Hope

Holy Hope

O, Holy Hope,
I see before me
The path of Jesus.
It trails into my future,
While its clarity fades
As it leaves this present moment.

I am like Bartimaeus along this way.
I call out for my Savior.
At my plea angels hurry to my side
With the balm to heal my blindness.

I see the Christ with me,
Before me, beside me,
Beneath me, as hallowed ground,
Above me, as Sun’s light and warmth.

In Hope I never walk alone.
Companions of my life, hand in hand,
Faith and Love abide with me.
My life follows in His steps
To that place prepared for me.

Here on this Earth,
I, too, know the Cross.
And in this Day,
I, too, experience
The paradise of His Presence.