Thousands of Migrants Are Crossing the Balkans on Foot

On October 17, Hungary closed its border with Croatia, blocking thousands of refugees still traveling from Mediterranean landing points to central and northern European countries. An estimated 58,000 migrants have arrived in Slovenia over the last week alone.

Source: Thousands of Migrants Are Crossing the Balkans on Foot

New video claims to show beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians | Fox News Video

New video claims to show beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians | Fox News Video.

Spies Penetrate Electrical Grid

Spies penetrate electrical grid via Joejolly’s Web Log

The spies came from China, Russia and other countries, and were believed to be on a mission to navigate the U.S. electrical system and its controls, the newspaper said, citing current and former U.S. national security officials.

The intruders have not sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure but officials said they could try during a crisis or war, the paper said in a report on its website.

“The Chinese have attempted to map our infrastructure, such as the electrical grid,” a senior intelligence official told the Journal. “So have the Russians.”…

Real Clear Krauthammer

As usual Obama sounded great speaking of how America and the world needed to respond to N.Korea.  As usual his response to the launch didn’t match the rhetoric and reality, as real clear Krauthammer, Fox News contributor, posted by Town Hall blog, makes crystal.  Here’s Charles on the N. Korean missile launch and the weak response from President Obama :

h/t Greg Hengler

World Turned Upside Down

Down,down,down, goes the economy!

Just in time to play into Obama’s power grab.   Says the Anchoress: “The president seems wholly untroubled by any of this and is happily continuing on toward the creation of “one world” with a global “new deal” on his mind. The swiftness with which he is accruing and consolidating power is breathtaking, and most people don’t even realize he’s doing it.”

Amen, Sister!

What is the puppet-master doing?  According to Saj-nicole A. Joni writing for

“Great leaders know that significant opportunity lies in a world turned upside down.”

“It can be summed up in the phrase “Never waste a crisis.” When Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff, was quoted saying this in The New York Times, he articulated what is on the minds of many of the global business leaders…”

“Great” is not what I would call Obama.  “Audacious” fits!  And it’s not HOPE he’s selling this time.  He’s selling America down the river for a socialist dream; a Utopian dream that has never worked in this world.  Whether Obama is puppet-master or Pied-Piper, I can only ask, what has Congress been drinking?  Kool-Aid?!