Candlelight Procession – Santa Fe

Santa Fe - Candlelight Procession

Santa Fe – Candlelight Procession
Beautifully captures and conveys the authenticity and vigor of Sante Fean culture and religiosity.

About this video:
“It was purely by chance…. we decided to stop in Santa Fe on our way from Taos to Albuqueque. Getting close to sunset and being in the middle of the city I asked a policeman where we could go for a good view of the setting sun. He pointed to a city park and mentioned the Cross of the Martyrs.

We didn’t know they were setting up at the cross for ceremonies at the end of a candlelight procession from the cathedral in the main square. In addition to the sunset, we ended up with some bonus pix and video clips of the procession.

I used Photo Story 3 to string together some pictures and MM2.6 on a Windows 7 laptop to edit and produce the movie.” Papa John

Brothers at War

Ed Morrisey recommends Brothers at War

Jake Rademacher  who made the documentary said of it:

“The honest storytelling of “Brothers At War” has received praise from war fighters, veterans, military families, Hollywood celebrities, and now Medal of Honor recipients. Join them by supporting this film which gives a true depiction of our nation’s warriors and their families.”

Michael Yon says, “Gary Sinise has gotten personally involved in promoting this movie.”

“The film follows Jake’s exploits as he risks everything—including his life—to tell his brothers’ story.  Often humorous, but sometimes downright lethal, BROTHERS AT WAR is a remarkable journey where Jake embeds with four combat units in Iraq. Unprecedented access to U.S. and Iraqi combat units take him behind the camouflage curtain with secret reconnaissance troops on the Syrian border, into sniper “Hide Sites” in the Sunni Triangle, through raging machine gun battles with the Iraqi Army.”