A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Featuring the Voice of Mr. Sam Elliott

Soaring Valor

Heroes All Around Us

I’m sooooooooo proud of my friends today:

This song was written by Adolfo Maes:

Here’s to more heroes: Mixed media artists Alfred Darmanin and Michelle Stecco finished installing a Veterans Memorial mixed media mural.The 50 foot mural designed by the artists consists of glass, stained glass, mahogany wood, and digitized paintings on canvas.
Al Darmin (artist) sent this picture of the commemorative mural in Royal Oaks Park Community Center, Miami Lakes, Florida

Veterans Fight to Keep Mojave Cross Memorial

Congressman warning reported by Raymond Arroyo:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments in a case concerning whether a cross on federal park land in California which memorializes World War I veterans violates the U.S. Constitution. One congressman warned that the case could have an enormous “ripple effect” on memorials across the country including Arlington Cemetery.

Tell it to Napolitano, Move on, Winter Soldiers Fakers, Penn State & Columbia

Michelle Malkin took umbrage at President Obama’s use of the word “we” in Obama’s weekly radio and Internet address (as though America needed to be reminded who her heroes and defenders were in a world gone mad and with wa President turned would-be prosecutor.)   Malkin says:

Tell it to Janet Napolitano.

Tell it to the Gen. Betray Us smear merchants at Move On.

Tell it to the anti-military academics at Penn State and Columbia and every other ivy-covered institution.

Tell it to the anti-military recruiter thugs on campuses across the country.

Tell it to all the Winter Soldier fakers and phonies .

On this Memorial Day Weekend, Malkin  makes the point:

More to the point: Does Obama know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?

Reader RJD e-mails: “I do believe that Obama means well, but Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen. We have Veterans Day and Armed Services day to thank the currently and past service members. Memorial Day is specific to thank and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Why then does Obama ask us to thank service members on the street? While I think this is a good thing to do anyway, I am not sure he understands what the whole day is about!”

Napolitano Apology to American Legion

Ed Morrissey’s exclusive interview today with Commander David Rehbein of the American Legion after Janet Napolitano fills out an previous attempt at an apology to the American Legion for  the DHS report that dissed veterans linking them to Timothy McVeigh and potential homegrown terror attacks without an ounce of statistical proof.  (Actually statistics proved just the opposite of the reports implications.):

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Michell Malkin adds that Ja-No is scheduled to testify about DHS immigration enforcement policies (or rather, the lack thereof) on May 6.