One Ave Maria

“. . . One Ave Maria [Hail Mary] said without sensible fervor, but with a pure will in a time of aridity, has much more value in my sight than an entire Rosary recited in the midst of consolations.”

——–The Blessed Mother to Sr: Benigna Consolata Ferrero

Scriptural Rosary – Mondays and Saturdays -Pray the Joyful Mysteries

Joyful Scriptural Mysteries – Podcast


Scriptural Rosary – Tuesday & Fridays -Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries

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Glorious Mysteries of the Scriptural Rosary – Pray on Sunday and Wednesday

Glorious Scriptural Mysteries


Praying in Our Lord’s Native Tongue | Dominicana Blog


Praying in Our Lord’s Native Tongue | Dominicana Blog.



During his recent visit to the Dominican House of Studies, the Student Brothers were privileged to speak at length with patristic scholar Fr. Nageeb Michael, O.P., Director of the Digital Center for Eastern ManuscriptsFr. Nageeb explained his current work which focuses on the preservation of ancient Christian manuscripts in the Middle East.  In this, the first of three interviews with Fr. Nageeb produced by Dominicana, he discusses the beauty of praying in his native language, and then prays the Our Father and Hail Mary in Aramaic.