No Perspective – No Compunction!

Does the Mainstream Media feel any guilt for the media basis that is now part and parcel of its product and its legacy?  Do their heavy-hitters feel any compunction for putting Barak Hussein Obama, a relative unknown with little experience and a shady past into the White House as President of the greatest Nation on this earth.  The answer is “No!” and “Hell, no! respectively.  Perspectively, they have no perspective!

Bernard Goldberg of “A Slobbering Love Affair” fame, reminds us of the “bubble” in which these guys live.  A “Vast Left-wing Conspiracy” has not been organized, but they live and move and have their being
as though there were one.  According to Goldberg, “The problem, in a word, is group-think.” An “institutional bias,” that is insidious because it is “too  comfortable” and “dulls the senses,” is turning “even well-
educated journalists into narrow-minded provincial rubes.”

In a time of national crisis, those the 1st amendment intended to protect the Nation by
manning the watchtowers, are in denial and worse. They are in lockstep, much as the spaced-out fictional
Borg, zombies acting, but not thinking critically.