No Perspective – No Compunction!

Does the Mainstream Media feel any guilt for the media basis that is now part and parcel of its product and its legacy?  Do their heavy-hitters feel any compunction for putting Barak Hussein Obama, a relative unknown with little experience and a shady past into the White House as President of the greatest Nation on this earth.  The answer is “No!” and “Hell, no! respectively.  Perspectively, they have no perspective!

Bernard Goldberg of “A Slobbering Love Affair” fame, reminds us of the “bubble” in which these guys live.  A “Vast Left-wing Conspiracy” has not been organized, but they live and move and have their being
as though there were one.  According to Goldberg, “The problem, in a word, is group-think.” An “institutional bias,” that is insidious because it is “too  comfortable” and “dulls the senses,” is turning “even well-
educated journalists into narrow-minded provincial rubes.”

In a time of national crisis, those the 1st amendment intended to protect the Nation by
manning the watchtowers, are in denial and worse. They are in lockstep, much as the spaced-out fictional
Borg, zombies acting, but not thinking critically.

Camelot for the Masses – “Obamalot”

According  to Hot Air, the Washington Times found “the motherload.” Says Hot Air, “While publicly identifying with the nation’s have-nots, the Obama administration has been cultivating the Beltway social elite behind the scenes.”

In the vernacular of the tax-paying masses, Obama’s hobb-nobbings are just another “loada’ __.” Obama seeks to ingratiate himself with high society despite the imprinted image of  just-plain-folk representing “the humble masses yearning to breath free.”  Not much free for the tax-paying middle class,while the air of  neo-Camelot-ary reigns in Obamalot.  While Obama reaches into our pockets, his “outreach to the luxury lifestyle glossies, which cater to the region’s highest socioeconomic strata with knowing coverage of everything from the choicest real estate and most exclusive parties to the plushest resorts and spas, is not the only recent evidence that the Obama administration is eager to forge ties with the nation’s social and style arbiters.”

Says Hot Air:

Charming the local (and not so local) power structure is good, smart politics, as is having dozens of interest groups aligned on your side coordinating their message with a daily phone call. And just as conservative groups could never get away with that without dark media insinuations about the “right-wing noise machine” building a wall of propaganda around the White House, George W. Bush could never have gotten away with holding a strategy session on how to glad-hand the D.C. glitterati while issuing near-hourly warnings about how we’re on the brink of Great Depression II. I can just picture the mocking nut-roots YouTube clips, destined to be recycled on “Hardball” and “Countdown”: First a quote from a story about Bush’s interest in socializing, then a clip of him and Laura dressed in finery and dancing at an inaugural ball as graphics about the market’s implosion and this year’s $1.75 trillion deficit roll merrily by. They’re … out of touch, you see. Exit question: Couldn’t the meeting have been postponed until, oh, say, after Geithner came up with a bank rescue plan and Treasury had been staffed? This isn’t going to reassure George Will or Tom Friedman about Obama’s ability to prioritize.