Love for the Loud at Mass | Catholic Lane

……….In Mass, we’re at the foot of the cross. Lumen Gentium says: “As often as the sacrifice of the cross in which Christ our Passover was sacrificed, is celebrated on the altar, the work of our redemption is carried on, and, in the sacrament of the eucharistic bread, the unity of all believers who form one body in Christ is both expressed and brought about”.

So, all of us who participate in Mass are part of one Body of Christ, the Church, which includes loud children. We come together to partake of the one sacrifice of Christ on the cross, which is offered to us in an unbloody manner in the Eucharist. Therefore, crying babies can be heard as echoes of the crying women of Jerusalem who wept on the way to Calvary.

Furthermore, children have just as much right to be at Mass as we do. In fact, small children are the only sinless saints in that church!


Finally, remember this – a church without crying babies is a church with no future

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Pentecost in Our Day

A friend just handed me this very appropriate prayer for our time, please join your prayer to mine:

Come, O Holy Spirit.
Come, and change the face of the earth.
Come quickly.
Come,in these last times.
Come, now that the great trial has arrived.
Come, and bring us Your Second Pentecost, so that our eyes
May see your greatest miracle, that of the New heavens and new earth.

Joann Nelander