Living Now

I live because You died,
Not in guilt,
But in the freedom of Love.

Choices are arrayed before me,
Multiplied by the days of my Life.
With the breaking
Of each New Day,
I rise forever
To choose You,

With the breaking
Of the Bread,
With the Lifting Up,
With the Cross before my eyes
I am a witness
Of the Resurrected One.

You Christ upon the altar,
You, Christ, living anew
In me,
Walk the Earth again
Leaving now my footsteps.

©2012 Joann Nelander

Universal Evidence for Intellect

The late,and saintly, Fr. Thomas Dubay S.M. Does not fear to bring common sense to be bear where materialist fail to dare, saying in his book Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer:

“….unity is always caused. It never happens by random chance. Our universe is full of evidence that this is true. The unity of a Pietà or a Mozart symphony cannot arise from the swirling of trillions of molecules of marble or musical notations flying about at random for millions of years. The suggestion is ludicrous and everyone knows it. A jumbo jet with its millions of parts, including computer parts, could not arise from a cosmic storm of diverse atoms and molecules which finally resulted in this massively intricate flying masterpiece with no intellects behind it. Once again everyone knows this intuitively and compellingly.

It is amusing how scientists, when they find a written text amid ancient ruins, are immediately certain that the author of these ideas or laws was no mere animal, but rather an intellectual being, a man or a woman. Yet it must be either philosophical incompetence or extraordinary stubbornness that would lead them to deny that an endlessly more complex reality like a living cell comes from an intellectual being. The reason cannot be science. It is a philosophical monism, a dogmatic materialism. And of course materialism is pure philosophy, not science. The dogma here, with no foundation in reality, is that materialists are forbidden by their philosophy to accept the compelling conclusion of a supreme intellect behind an awesomely complex and stunning universe.”