My Body – My Choice…?

Via Physicians for Life

My Body – My Choice…?

The preborn child has her own space capsule – the Amniotic Sac…

She has her own lifeline – the Umbilical Cord, and…

She has her own Nourishment and Excretory System – the Placenta.

These all belong to the child herself and not to her mother.

All these organs and systems developed from the child’s own original fertilized cell.

What about your child’s Choice to Live?


What choice actually means.

This small plastic fetus interjects reality into the conversation on Life vs. Choice to Kill, in a time in which we have to show people the cost of abstracted arguments hiding behind “privacy” and “choice”.

O Holy Child,
Born to die,
You were born in Bethlehem
City of Promise,
But conceived in Nazareth,
Crossroad of sinners,
Now graced
By the Holy.

Cell upon cell,
Grace upon grace,
The Virgin’s

Copyright Joann Nelander 2012

All rights reserved

BBC News – India sterilization deaths: Chhattisgarh protests as toll climbs

BBC News – India sterilization deaths: Chhattisgarh protests as toll climbs.

“India’s main opposition Congress party has called a general strike in central Chhattisgarh state where 13 women have now died after botched sterilization surgery at a state-run health camp.

Sixty women remain in hospital and at least 20 are in a critical condition following the tubectomy operations.

A team of doctors from the capital, Delhi, are being flown to the state to help out with the emergency.

Health camps are staged throughout India to control its huge population.

The Chhattisgarh government has ordered an inquiry into the deaths and Chief Minister Raman Singh has said “it appears the incident occurred due to negligence” by doctors.

The victims’ families, all from poor families, have each been promised a compensation of about $6,600 (£4,150).

Four senior health officials have been suspended and a police complaint has been registered against the surgeon who performed the operations.”

via BBC News – India sterilization deaths: Chhattisgarh protests as toll climbs.