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As for me, I am a wife,a mother of two beautiful daughters, a Sinai nurse (NYC – 1962), a photographer, a writer /poet (in awe of God). Prayer and daily Mass feed me. Lioness  is my way of evangelizing, a persistent shout out for God.

My Posts for the past week:

Refuge of Sinners

Brink of Eternity

Wrath of God, a Living Hell

Your Saints in Glory

A Thousand Thousand Trumpets

Pope Francis speech at the conclusion of the Synod

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Churches Push Back Against Warning Not To Talk Politics | Truth Revolt

Churches Push Back Against Warning Not To Talk Politics | Truth Revolt.

“Earlier this month Americans United for Separation of
Church and State sent out 84,000 letters to church leaders to warn them
against speaking about politics from the pulpit according to IRS
tax-exempt restrictions. Responses so far have not been so enthusiastic.

AU says they attempted to be “respectful” in their reminder and claim
they are merely trying to protect organizations’ tax exempt status. In a
blog post the group’s assistant director of communications, Simon
Brown, explained that they only want churches to “follow the rules” and
“stay out of partisan politics”:

“We merely want houses of worship to follow the rules, stay out of
partisan politics and keep their tax exemption. And when we explain to
clergy what the law requires, we do so in a respectful way.”

Despite their “respectful” tone, the church and state watchdog told
The Blaze that they’ve already received about 45 fiery responses, and
expect more in the days to come.

One church sent back AU’s letter with the simple statement “Drop
Dead” written in marker across it. Another response was a brief letter,
addressed to the executive director of the group, which concluded by
asking to be removed from his mailing list and saying he could take his
“solicitude regarding our legal well-being” and “shove it up your fat
white a__.”

Here are two shots of the messages (via The Blaze):

via Churches Push Back Against Warning Not To Talk Politics | Truth Revolt.

via Churches Push Back Against Warning Not To Talk Politics | Truth Revolt.

ISIS Snuffs Out Ancient Christianity

ISIS Snuffs Out Ancient Christianity
by Raymond Ibrahim  •  November 1, 2014 at 5:00 am

In Egypt, a young Coptic Christian man, accused of blaspheming Islam for simply "liking" an Arabic-language Facebook page, was sentenced to six years in prison.

One of the intruders in Uganda was shouting, "Today we shall kill you [for converting to Christianity] — you… are not respecting our prophet’s religion." He then heard his 12-year-old-girl’s cries as the Muslim intruders were strangling her. Then they seized him.

Muslims in Germany were granted their own section of the cemetery. Now these same Islamic communities are demanding that, during Islamic funerals, Christian symbols and crosses in the cemetery be removed or covered up.

Sister Utoor Joseph (left) and Sister Miskintah, are nuns who disappeared on June 28 in Mosul, Iraq, and are believed to have been kidnapped by Islamists.

During the Islamic State’s June invasion and consolidation of Mosul, Iraq — where Christians have been present since the first century — countless atrocities against them were committed. Accordingly, the region is now reportedly empty of Christian presence.

The Islamic State, among other acts, reinstituted the collection of jizya, the "tribute" conquered Christians (and Jews) were historically required to pay in order not to be killed in accordance with the Koran (9:29).

In one instance, three Islamic State members burst into the home of a Christian family, demanding the jizya-money. When the father of the house pleaded that he did not have the money, the intruders raped his wife and daughter in front of him. The man was reportedly so traumatized that he committed suicide. Four other Christian women were killed for not wearing the Islamic veil.”

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Brink of Eternity

Good morning, Jesus.
Here we are again,
At the beginning of a new day.

Can you feel me?
Here I am in Your Great Heart,
Reaching for You with my heart.

I feel Your eyes upon me.
You are perfume to my senses.
You are the touch of sweetness
I taste wafting on the breeze of Spirit.

You sound in my heart
With the beating of Yours.
Ever near, ever dear, everlasting,
Song of my soul.

Good morning, my Jesus.
Hold me here,
On the brink of eternity.

©2014 Joann Nelander