Sleep In Heavenly Peace…sort of

The sleep of angels!

Kathleen M. Basi

Christian came to bed last night, laughing after his nightly check of the kids. (He frequently comes to bed laughing after his nightly check, actually.) “Why can’t our kids sleep normal?” he said. “Alex is pretzeled in his covers and you can’t get them out from under him, Julianna sleeps on top of the covers, Nicholas sleeps sideways and has random body parts sticking out, and Michael refuses to have his arms inside.”

We got a laugh out of it, but I have to add that two of them also fell out  of bed overnight. We’ll chalk it up to being over-tired.

For your entertainment, here’s a collection of “sleep” moments I’ve shared over the past few years. Enjoy!

Michael sleepAsleep in the window 2Asleep in the window
Julianna asleep at Pizza Hut in HannibalNicholas sleeping March 2011
Only she's not sleeping. She's giggling. With her bottom going up and down.N. asleep on floorAlex sleeping in chair

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