Fully Human, Fully Alive! A Prayer

When I worked NICU, I cared for a preemie that fit in my hand just like this. Though it was tiny, and it’s skin so thin I could see the veins that circulated its blood,  there was no doubt that this was a human being, young, out of the womb or in the womb, fully human,fully alive!

Anyone think its not a person?

Prayer for anyone considering abortion, or troubled by their pregnancy:


Lord of Life and Love

O Lord of Love and Life,
Bless me and Your child entrusted to my care and keeping.

Though the forces of Hell conspire against me,
You, O God, are for me,
And for my little one growing beneath my heart.

May the beating of our hearts proclaim You Holy,
And this life sacred to Your glory.

God is for us!
May no power on earth,
No friend, no relative, no worldly voice,
Or power from the Pit,
Persuade me otherwise.

O Lord of Love and Life
Bless us.

5 thoughts on “Fully Human, Fully Alive! A Prayer

  1. Very powerful picture. If only all the women who are contemplating abortion would be able to see this and understand its meaning.


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    • Jesus loves the little children of the world, but, as in Jesus’ day, Rachel is crying for her children. Millions are denied living the life God gave them.


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