Redeeming the Unredeemable

Jesus, You left Your throne for me.
From eternity You saw me.
Spoke my name.
In time,
Covered me in Holy Blood,
Your Blood.

You left heaven to come down,
Drawn to me in my need.
My worthlessness
Is written in Sin,
My poverty drew You.

You mount the Cross
Your holy Cross
I see your pain
I count the cost.
I am drawn after You.

You mount Your Cross
To redeem the unredeemable.
Here I am beside you
Here I will to serve.

At your right hand
I find my worth.
Even in death,
I am priceless.
All because I am forever Yours.

Thy will,
Only Thy will,
Be done in me,
That You might reign
On the throne of my life.

My life,now,
Begins the life of heaven.
Sit, my Jesus,
Upon Your Throne.

c 2020 Joann Nelander