Divine Mercy in My Soul on the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary


1553 Notebook V of DIVINE MERCY IN MY SOUL – DIARY of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

“O my Jesus, Life of my soul, my Life, my Savior, my sweetest Bridegroom, and at the same time my Judge, You know that in this last hour of mine I do not count on any merit of my own, but only on Your mercy. Even as if today, I immerse myself totally in the abyss of Your mercy, which is always open to every soul. “

O my Jesus, I have only one task to carry out in my lifetime, in death, and throughout eternity, and that is to adore Your incomprehensible mercy. No mind either of angel or of man will ever fathom the mysteries of Your mercy, O God. The angels are lost in amazement before the mystery of divine mercy, but can not comprehend it. Everything that has come from the Creator’s hand is contained in this inconceivable mystery; that is to say, in the depths of His tender mercy. When I meditate on this , my spirit swoons, and my heart dissolves on joy, O Jesus, it is through Your most compassionate Heart, as through a crystal that the rays of divine mercy have come to us. “

St. Louis Marie de Montford