Real Clear Krauthammer

As usual Obama sounded great speaking of how America and the world needed to respond to N.Korea.  As usual his response to the launch didn’t match the rhetoric and reality, as real clear Krauthammer, Fox News contributor, posted by Town Hall blog, makes crystal.  Here’s Charles on the N. Korean missile launch and the weak response from President Obama :

h/t Greg Hengler

Oprah, Michael J. Fox -Stem Cell Debate

Suzy B, the voice of Pro-Life women in politics & of the Susan B. Anthony List, has this video of Dr. Oz, a prestigious medical professional telling Michael J. Fox and Oprah that “the stem cell debate is dead.”

Dr. Oz is talking about Pluripotent Stem Cell research.

Teresa Tomeo’s Exchange With a Pro-Abortion Listener

Teresa Tomeo of Ave Maria Radio took time to answer this pro-choice/pro-life Catholic educator. She’d really like it shared.

Here is the initial letter Kathy wrote to Teresa.

Dear Ms. Tomeo,
I was discouraged and even angered at your comments about President Obama. He is one of the most inspirational figures of recent times. As a Catholic educator for over 30 years, I am proud that we gave each student a book about Barack Obama on Inauguration Day. Most teachers have his picture in our Catholic classrooms and talk about his thoughtful, open, and integrity‐based life. He cares about LIFE ‐ education and health care are life issues, how we handle war and the economy are life issues. How we talk with people in dialogue is a life issue. Measuring all life issues through the lens of abortion is outrageous to say the least. Obama’s commitment to prevent abortion and to support healthy life for all is a critical moral issue. God created us to be able to choose. It is our job in churches to help form conscience so that we may choose life.
Working on his campaign in the fall, and the Catholics for Obama campaign, was one of the most important times I have experienced in my 55 years of life.
It is clearly deeply Christian to be PRO‐LIFE and PRO‐CHOICE both.
It is offensive to promote such negativity toward the president of the United States.
Peace and grace,
Hi Kathy. Thanks for writing. I hope you will take the time to read this e mail and really pray and think about what I am laying out before you. I will be discussing this e mail exchange on my radio show this week so I hope you tune in and even call in if possible. I have attached an article that is coming out this week on a major Catholic web site regarding the Obama administration. As a woman I thought you would be interested in this and this will help you understand why I
feel so strongly about this issue. I was so disappointed to see that you call yourself a “Catholic educator” and a “proud member” of the Catholic Church and yet you express only emotion and no fact to back up your claims that it is okay for Christians to be both pro life and pro choice as well as your claims that the
president is “for life” as you put it. As the old Wendy’s commercial use to say “where’s the beef?” I normally don’t spend this much time on e mails but the Holy Spirit is prompting me to reach out to you in hopes that you will really re‐consider and really truly study what our Church and the Bible have to say about abortion. I am also very concerned because you are in a position to influence young people.

From your note I get the sense that you have very little awareness of the fallout from abortion on women, men, families, the economy, increased rates of drug abuse, the connection to abortion and breast cancer, increased suicide attempts with post abortive women etc. and most importantly the loss of life with 50 million babies lost in this country (17 million of whom are African Americans) yes Barack Obama’s own people have suffered the greatest causalities since the legalization of abortion in this country.

Regarding all the above issues here are some web sites for you‐ , and one of the best of course Are you aware that most abortion centers are unregulated and that there have been many cases, several recently, of statutory rape that have gone unreported by these abortion centers? Are you also
aware that the majority of women having abortions say they feel they are being forced to do so and that there was little “choice” involved but threats and coercion? A great amount of research has been done in all of these areas although it rarely gets any attention. Have you ever heard of the Silent No More Awareness campaign? where women and men tell their painful post abortive stories?

Go here for the rest of the article.

Lenten Reading Plan – Apr 7

crucificionicon12Day36 Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan 4/7/09

St. Ambrose of Milan: Concerning the Mysteries: 5-9

Day 36 Lite Version

St. Cyril of Jerusalem: Catechetical Lectures: Lecture XXIII (12-23)

Compilation of Lenten readings

Printer-Friendly Version of Outline: Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan PDF

Praying With the Church

If you have not checked out yet, Holy Week is the perfect time to begin praying with the Church with the help of this wonderful ministry.  Divine Office is produced by Dane Falkner and some very dedicated and talented people.  It’s purpose is to promote “the tradition of praying always through these ancient treasures of the Church, not only to Catholics but to all Christians universally.”

Stacking the Council on Women and Girls

In March of 2009, President Obama created a White House Council on Women and Girls. With issues of life intrinsically bound to women and girls, the president’s choices are noteworthy, making “All the President’s Women” by Denise Bossert a must read:

“…the President has named women who are seasoned politicians to positions in his Administration. These women, almost without exception, have one thing in common. They are radically pro-abortion, with track records to prove it, and they typically achieved positions of political power through organizations like Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women (NOW) or the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (currently called NARAL Pro-Choice America). The women in this category have accepted the tenets of these pro-abortion organizations. They know that, to accept money from any pro-abortion Political Action Committee (PAC), they must respond by advancing the pro-abortion agenda.”