A Prayer in Adoration

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Here I am Lord,sitting, kneeling, prostrate in spirit before You, adoring.  Who You are in Your glory lies hidden under the appearance of this Holy Bread before me.

You have revealed to Your Church the wonder,and magnificence of Your living Presence.  With Mother Church,  I extol Your beauty.  Truths come to mind and I give assent.

I am married to You,  O Holy Bridegroom.  In the fullness of time, I will embrace You with a glorified vision and body, but, for now, I reach with  heart and mind’s eye to catch a glimpse of this splendid Truth hidden as it is ‘neathe Bread and Wine and broken Body on a Cross.

Favor me with an increase of love and desire, until my longing tears free from all that holds me captive still. I know my blindnss and have seen my foolishness. In my poverty and need,  I seek refuge here before Your eyes.

Your Truth, Your splendid Truth be mine!  These are such glorious Truths; I can not comprehend them in their reality and breath.  I can only glimpse them and cry out in hope and faith.

My adorable Lord, looking upon me now as always, gather to Yourself, the groans and sighs of Spirit born,unto Your memories as so many Communions and Resurrections of spirit, as chains of Love in Time, but always only One Adorable Lord.

By Joann Nelander

Rachel’s Vinyard – Healing Freedom

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Carrying the burden of past sin weighs the soul down.  There will be a moment of freedom and healing as Jesus makes your burden light.

As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:12

Komen Funds Planned Plarenthood – Support Alternative Organizations

Click here to learn of Susan G. Komen’s multi-million dollar connection to Planned Parenthood. H/T  Dr.Gerard M. Nadal

Komen Funds Planned Parenthood
Pro-Life Citizens May want to Support the  Organizations listed below.

The following breast cancer groups do not fund abortion facilities, nor do they advocate for destructive human embryo research. If you are aware of other organizations that meet this criteria, please contact us at info@bdfund.org.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Individual and schools opposed to Komen’s cooperation with Planned Parenthood, but interested in raising money to prevent breast cancer often choose to raise money with volleyball tournaments or walks to benefit the breast screening services at local hospitals provided to underserved women.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is a national organization that funds mammograms.

Abortion-Breast Cancer Education:

Breast Cancer
Prevention Institute
Full information on avoidable risks including abortion and alternatives to hormone use for contraception and postmenopausal medication.

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer
Educational material on the political and media cover-up of the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Click here to learn the facts about the Komen-Planned Parenthood connection.