Wake the Heavens

Peoples of the Earth,

This hour beseeches you.

Rise from your slumber,

Shake off the demons of sloth.

Open your eyes,

Lift the veil that hides your sin

Peoples of the Earth,

The dead beseech you.

The living call out.

The blind place their hands upon your arm.

Truth is at the door.

Open and receive.

Peoples of the Earth,

Hope for the good,

The holy, and the hallowed.

Take off your rags,

Don a wedding garment.

That you may feast and dance.

Peoples of the Earth,

Seek the Kingdom of the Great King.

He rains down blessing from above,

He calls saints,

And angels to your side,

For Victory in His Name.

Peoples of the Earth.

A New Day beckons you.

Gather the lame, and the hungry,

Those that hope for Victory beseech you.

Jesus awaits your plaintive cries

To wake the heavens,

And He come down.

by Joann Nelander