“My Hour” John 2:4

“My Hour”

You called it “my hour”,
The hour in which,
You bring good out of evil.

The world missed it!
Just as it missed Your birth.

Who witnessed the time of Your glory?
She, who You called “Woman” and “Mother”,
And those few who dared stay by her side.

The glory of the manger,
From which You would feed the starving world,
And the glory of the Passion and the Cross,
Met in one holy, favored, heart.

One heart to remember,
One heart to cherish.
One heart to ponder,
And share Your Hour,
Masked, as it was in the moment,
By weakness and shame.

You called it “My Hour”,
That glorious Hour,
When Good triumphs over Evil,
And God saves those who rush to You,
And stand with the Woman,
Who stood by Your side.

Copyright 2017 Joann Nelander