The Praying Heart

Make the praying heart a sanctuary,
An abode welcoming the Most High.
Rest on these blessed souls.
To prepare for Pentecost anew.

Across the face of the earth
Find hallowed home,
Ciborium for Christ’s Holy Body,
Chalice to cup His Blood,
And the loveliness of priestly hands
To hold the Christ aloft,
To smile upon His Inheritance,
A world in dire need.

O Angelic Spirits
Sing to the Bread of angels,
Ever present on His altar,
“Come Lord Jesus”,
Friend and companion
Light and Bridegroom,
All in all,
For repentant hearts,
Transforming sinner to saint,
Cleansing the temple of our bodies
To make ready hallowed hearts,
Other Christs,
Alive with and living for
The Spirit of our God.

Joann Nelander

Love Sweeter Than ..

Your love is sweeter than the honey dripping upon the lover’s tongue,
Sweeter than wine that wakens the palate to new delight.
Your love is aroma and taste penetrating the heart.
It is the roof growing higher,
And foundation of my world,
Glimpsing heaven and begging it nearer.

Your love is sweeter than my life.
It is invitation and enticement,
Known and unknowing,
Higher than happiness,
Straining to the Holy.

Your Love is the beginning and end of Life.
Falling on the world,
Drop by drop,
Yet, like a river in flood,
Endless and eternal,
The crossing of Now and Forever
Meeting in my bossom,
Drawing me free from myself,
Into You.

In Your thirst
You are all poverty,
And yet all supplying,
Giving and spent,
Still full in Your Emptiness.

Your Love is sweeter than this life,
Holy with promise,
You ring my heart with longing
And satisfy my depths and queries.
With Truth, You show me the heaven of Your Heart,
And bid me “Come.”

© 2016 Joann Nelander