Light of My Life

Light of my life,
I behold Thee with my heart
As I weep at Thy feet.

O You, ascended to the Father,
Seated at His Right Hand in glory,
Look on me.
You,my Jesus,
Call my name,
I run to Thy pieced side.

Blood and Water
Wash over me at this gate of Heaven.
Jesus, at Your bidding,
I enter in.

Blood and Water cascade over me,
A baptism of love and re-creation.
You say “I Am”.
I respond,
“I am Yours”.

Yours, my Lord,
Yours forever;
Saved by Love.
Saved for Love.

The roar of many waters,
Sound in my ears,
Along with bright hosannas
To the King of Hearts.

I am drawn to Thee
By heavenly invitation.
The Spirit and the Bride say,”Come”.

I come Lord Jesus
With rag tag humanity in tow.
(No one comes to You alone.)

I say, “Draw me”,
You draw me,
And all within me.
I have become a vessel,
A vessel of Your Love.

I beseech “Mercy”
You thirst for souls.
You drank of the cup
Offered by our Father.
I offer our Father
Your Passion and Death.

In the crucible of Your Life,
Death and Resurrection
You ransom all those
For whom You shed Your Blood.
You satisfy Justice
By Your loving Death.

O Blood and Water,
River of Life,
Gathered to Your pierced Side,
In repentance,
We enter in.

I weep at Thy feet,
Tears of repentance.
You whisper to my heart,
Bring sinners to my Cross.
Jesus, Sun of Justice,
Make me Your Light in a dying world.

By Joann Nelander.