You Come

Jesus, You come.

Shrouded in Mystery,

You come.

Lord, Divine One,

Hidden God,

You come.

I enter Your Heart.

I desire here to abide,

Eternally abide.

You search me.

Your penetrating glance,

Sees through and through.

I search Your eyes.

As You, O Lord,

Contemplate me.

Knowing the sinner before You,

You stay to sup,

To sup and supply.

Jesus, You come.

Shrouded yet known,

I live the Mystery of You.

Lord, Jesus, “Come”!

c 2020 Joann Nelander

Lifted Up, I am Drawn

Lifted up,
You hang above the world.
Your outstretched arms
Measure the breath of Your Love.

How great the distance between us,
Yet, greater still,
Your unquenchable thirst for me.

I am a child, a lowly one,
Troubling you, yet, and always.
I tug at the hem of Your garment,
While You tug at my heart.

Lord of my hopes,
Lord of my longing,
Lord of my sorrows,
Lord of my weeping,
Ruler of all Time and Space,
You draw me to an Eternity in Your Embrace.

by Joann Nelander