A Nation cries,
In want of Thee.
Time hurries,
All the while consuming,
That which our hands have built.

Our plenty devoured
In furnaces of desire.
“More, give us more,
The engines roar. ”

You wait,
That we might recognize
Your reign.
Your sun rises on each new day.
You are patient.
Wait, wait, wait….

Obedience is not our way.
We turn only blind eyes
And misprize chastisement’s scourge.
We know only
The gates of Hell demand,
Demand our sacrifice,
Human sacrifice.
We do not deny them.

No place too sacred to invade.
Give the gods their due,
For they pay our way.
After all, we are only clay,
Living to be merry
One more day.

You, O Holy One,
Speak of Love and Eternity.
Our bellies cry out “Now”
“Who needs Your Throne!”
Give us bread without God Alone.
Our way,
Just one more day.

©2012 Joann Nelander All rights reserved

Where the Angels? – “Greed” Revisited

It’s so good to see Phil Donahue stumped for a retort.

Milton Friedman (1912-2006) in his book “Capitalism and Freedom” advocated minimizing the role of government in a free market as a means of creating political and social freedom. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ of Eternity Road and Fighting In The Shade says Friedman is a pearl worth sharing. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ revels in this video clip because:

“It is so devastatingly effective in demolishing one of the most sacred shibboleths of modern leftism that it needs to be resurrected and digested in these times of the ascendancy of the Marxist messiah.”

Who could he mean?

H/T Patrick Joubert Conlon for posting clip