Tax Day Tea Parties Take to the Streets


Americans took to the street across the Nation.  Was Washington listening or hiding out?  I saw lots of people and no one admitting to be a politician.  Now that the people have found their voice perhaps Washington will wake up and listen. Our country needs statesmen who remember their oaths of office, the Constitution and the American people whom they service.


I was told there was a school guard prepared to show their colors for this event. They had to back-out contrary to their desires because they were told the Tea Party demonstrations were anti-government.


There were plenty of flags flown and worn and no shortage of people and spirit.  Horns blared and drivers-by gave thumbs up in full support.  The police were absent from the event.  Organizers were told they couldn’t be spared for the Tea Party event; budget restrictions, you know?  If only Washington could be so fiscally responsible.  I did see a police car amid the drivers-by.  He honked too!!


Praise God in Whom we trust and God bless America!

Ed Morrissey says the writing is on the wall.

Michelle Malkin has grassroots history of Tea Parties 2009 and great pictures of the events across the Nation.

More great party pictures from Glenn Reynolds

Tea Party Catch Up

Michelle Malkin is making it easy to catch up on tea party history and doings for MSM who may have missed its grassroots beginnings.

Feb. 15: Keli Carender, who blogs as “Liberty Belle” spread the word about a grass-roots protest she was organizing in Seattle to raise her voice against the passage of the trillion-dollar stimulus/porkulus/Generational Theft Act of 2009. It’s the first time she had ever jumped into political organizing of any kind. She is not affiliated with any “corporate lobbyist” or think tank or national taxpayers’ organization. She’s a young conservative mom who blogs. Amazingly, she turned around the event in a few days all on her own by reaching out on the Internet, to her local talk station, and to anyone who would listen.

Feb. 16: An energetic crowd of about 100 people came downtown to lambaste the Chicken Little process and the lard-up of the stimulus bill:

Word of the Seattle protest spread across the blogosphere. Readers suggested there should be a Denver protest on Feb. 17 to greet President Obama for the porkulus signing. Separately, the local chapter of Americans for Prosperity was already working to put something together on the fly. I met the head of the state AFP for the first time on the steps of the Capitol. No conspiracy here, tinfoil hatters. It was a union of like minds in an impromptu show of outrage against the legislation-without-deliberation process in Washington. Also there: Jon Caldara of the libertarian Independence Institute on one end of the spectrum and Tom Tancredo on the strict immigration enforcement end (hundreds of the protesters were mad about the absence of E-Verify standards for the stimulus funding):

More big-money conspiracy! I promised to bring a roasted pig. Paid for out of pocket. No corporate lobbyist pitched in. Tasted great and worth every penny:

Speaking of pigs, you can’t leave out the tax-and-spend revolt campaign against Chuck Schumer in response to his arrogant statement that only the “chattering classes” cared about the “teeny, tiny” pork amendments in the Generational Theft Act. Local radio host Leland Conway in Kentucky called on listeners to send Schumer pork rinds. A mountain of 1,500 bags poured into the station on Feb. 16 and was shipped to Schumer:

The history unfolds here

and we can’t forget Santelli’s rant which tapped the American pulse:

10th Amendment

The Tenth Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

10th Amendment Center give us these as well:

10th Amendment Resolution Introduced in Wisconsin

Pleading the 10th in Georgia
Serving Notice in New Mexico
Sovereignty for Ohio
Alaska Resolution: Sovereignty Under the 10th Amendment
Michigan: The Confines and Original Intent

Tax Day Tea Party Doings

InstaPundit directs tax day party-goers to google maps via FreedomWorks and more

Tea Party Protests gives you the video low down on the doings.

Learning From Our Mistakes? In Your Dreams / Nightmares

Why do I doubt this administration, the numbers and their hype?  The Anchoress passes this on for  clarity :

Ace of Spades HQ turns on the light with thanks to Jack Shaw:

Hot Air adds this read.

Porklulus Party Favors Must End

Cinncinnati  pours…out onto the streets that is.  Tea parties are the “in” soiree of disgruntled tax-payers.Michelle Malkin reports:

The Cincinnati Tea Party organizers told us it was going to be big. And it was. Organizer J. Binik-Thomas e-mails this evening that 5,000 folks turned out for the protest and more than 1,600 people signed a petition to ask local governments to reject porkulus funding.

Photo credit: Malkins reader Melissa)

Photo credit: Malkin's reader Melissa)

Instapundit has this great aerial view of the doings and more.

Tea Party Hardy!