It is the day after the vote.  We awake to a day new in many ways especially the power to do good.  As for me I place my hand in that of Jesus and pray show me the Way.  Light the way out of darknss into Your heart which is all Light and Love . Bless all those that hunger and thirst and satisfy them wth Your Bobby andBlood. Maranatha!


Good morning ,dear Savior.

Here I Am,
Yours, at the break of a new day.

Joyously, I look to You,
You, Who smiles upon me.

I open my eyes looking for You,
You, Who have guarded Your beloved in her sleep,
And loved me as mother and father.

I have slept, secure in Your great arms,
Nestled beneath Your “Abundant Breast.”
Receive my heart
As I offer it to You, anew.

Kisses, my King.
All for You!

Copyright 2014 Joann Nelander

God bless you, as you read this. May we, who struggle here, laugh together in heaven. Glory to God!

Joann Nelander