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A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Featuring the Voice of Mr. Sam Elliott

Abandoned Barn–Photography

Heroes All Around Us

Written by Adolfo Pedro Maes:

Tea – Worth A Thousand Words


They came, not as a mob but as individual citizens, one by one.


They were not the privileged few but the America of old, some tried, some tired, some little noticed, all true.  They came, the grateful of the Nation, privileged only in that this Nation keeps them free.


They came, the young, with a touch class and a bit of flash.


They came, the younger still, with hearts and flags and wishes.


They came, determined and undeterred.


Flag- draped and be-signed, they gathered.


With humor and with gravity….


They raised the Nation’s voice.


Eloquent in its simplicity……


Commanding in its brevity!


They came, one by one.


Not without a message….


Not without surity…….


Not without encouragement….


Not without support…….


They gathered, one by one, until they were a people gathered as one.


Really great turn outs and more photos from Michelle Malkin

The Borg: Master, Meister, Mind

Is he Borg? He is the Borg Master, and the Borg is on the move. It is hungry and ambitious, and knows no benevolent God of love and limits. By edict, it steals the inclination to Virtue, usurping the role of conscience. Borg Master, and no other, proclaims right limits and no limits. He declares who has a right to being and how to be. He looses the license of pride and greed into his pot of promises. He stirs his brew with class hatred and malcontention. Where there was the reign of virtue, decency, morality, there is enthroned a sceptered Specter; the One, the Borg Mind ruling a “no people – no voice.”  The Borg Meister feeding on our fears, our frenzy and our fetuses.

The Borg Master contemplating and worshiping himself along with the adoring, mindless, masses. Everything becomes his; his hope, his audaciousness, his government, his plan! Your life is his to manipulate, as are your morals and your dreams. What you have will be his in the end. He covets your freedom and your laughter. He is building a State of being and a state of living in which you are a nobody, a number. Have no doubt; you, my dear cog, will be assimilated into the Borg.

Borg Mind Master wants your soul. He can taste it. He nibbles at your conscience. Resistance stirs his rhetoric, as word upon word, worms beneath your reason, reconstructing the underpinning of your logic, and your creed. Winning your vote, he has procured your serfdom. Licking his fingers, how delicious your servitude!