Napolitano Apology to American Legion

Ed Morrissey’s exclusive interview today with Commander David Rehbein of the American Legion after Janet Napolitano fills out an previous attempt at an apology to the American Legion for  the DHS report that dissed veterans linking them to Timothy McVeigh and potential homegrown terror attacks without an ounce of statistical proof.  (Actually statistics proved just the opposite of the reports implications.):

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Michell Malkin adds that Ja-No is scheduled to testify about DHS immigration enforcement policies (or rather, the lack thereof) on May 6.

Lack Luster Falling Star

The indispensable man? Not?!

I do feel sorry for Geithner under the gun and over estimated.

Michelle Malkin isn’t surprised that Timothy Geithner, newish Treasury Secretary is flailing about:  here:

“With an awkward first television appearance, a bank rescue plan that lacked promised specifics and two restructured bailouts that raised taxpayer risk, Geithner has failed to calm financial markets desperate for answers.”