Lenten Reading Plan – Day 21 – Mar 20

crucificionicon12Day21 Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan 3/20/09

St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: 1-10

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St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: 1-9

Compilation of Lenten readings

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St. Joseph’s Day – The Man Behind the Day

Who is St. Joseph? Scripture says little about this man and yet we honor him with titles such as Patron of the Universal Church and Patron of a peaceful death.  The Bible simply calls him “just.” Mt 1;19  All we actually need to know is that Joseph is God’s choice.

God knows a man as he actually is in his heart of hearts from the moment God calls him by name, before he is conceived in the womb, until God calls him to Himself. Every moment, every thought, every movement of the heart, nothing hidden or forgotten, and, knowing all, God chose Joseph. He chose Joseph for Mary. He chose Joseph for Jesus. Knowing Joseph’s heart, God called Joseph “just” which means right with God.

Our generation places little value on “just.” It has no glitz. Give us “world renowned” and “phenomenally successful.” “Just” is just so unimpressive. If “just” were only as common as it sounds.

Today’s celebration will go unnoticed and unreported by the world, but the courts of Heaven ring with Joseph’s name this day. Jesus and Mary embrace him, sharing with saints and angels, their memories of his obedience to the Will of God, his humility, his protective care, his kindness and the sacrificial love that reigned over their home and their life together. Who remembers St. Joseph?  God remembers St. Joseph.  The God-Man remembers St. Joseph, and called him “Abba”, no doubt.

Family is Family and St. Joseph is Family

Fr. Scott tells the story as told by the good Carmelites of the Santa Fe:

“Some parishioners were on their way to celebrate morning mass in honor of St. Patrick on his Feast day.  Juan was working in his garden as usual and, as they passed, they called to him to join them.  “No, no,” he said “I only celebrate the Feast days of Mexican saints.”  So on they went leaving Juan to his gardening.

A couple of days later, on the feast of St. Joseph, they made the pilgrimage again.  They passed Juan’s home but this time, no Juan.  Arriving at the church, who did they behold but Juan devoutly praying before St. Joseph’s statue .  “Juan,” they asked, “what’s this?  You told us that you only honor Mexican saints and St. Joseph is a Jew?”

Juan smiled broadly, “I know, I know, but he’s married to a good Mexican woman….Our Lady of Guadalupe!”