Talk Matters

In Is Talk Cheap? Thomas Sowell warns that talk matters, words matter, and the ability to express oneself in speech matters tremendously.  He calls to mind the gripping power of Winston Churchill and the enormity of the  impact his powers of speech and expression had on history.  With will and words, Churchill carried the Britons to heights of hope and endurance against Hitler and his juggernaut.

Sowell’s thoughts:

“Talk matters for good reasons as well as bad…..Unfortunately, people on the make seem to have a keener appreciation of the power of words, as the magic road to other power, than do people defending values that seem to them too obvious to require words.

“The expression, “It goes without saying. . .” is a fatal trap. Few things go without saying. Some of the most valuable things in life may go away without saying– whether loved ones in one’s personal life or the freedom or survival of a nation.”

Sowell points to the shell game Obama and his new administration play with words.  Cloaked in vocabulary, this administration hides the blatant reality of legislation that would take away workers’ right to a secret ballot by calling it, “Employers’ Freedom of Choice Act.”  “Choice” what a lovely word.  Where have we seen it go wrong before?

Obama’s budget of deficits is labelled “A New Era of Responsibility.”  Sowell says of Obama, “You want responsibility? He’ll give you the word “responsibility.” Why not? It costs nothing.

Those of you who want your country back, be on the lookout for a Presidential candidate who can handle the language without speaking in the “patrician style of country club Republicans.”  Look, too, for someone with a good non-apologetic offensive.”  According to Sowell, “General Douglas MacArthur gave a one-word definition of defensive warfare: defeat!”

Last and most important!  Look out America!  I believe that the gift of gab that got Golden Mouth elected won’t stop with words.  Deception breeds deception, whether in word or deed.

Rhythm of My Life

Thoughts from the Quiet:

If I can’t find my balance, Lord, at least help me set a rhythm to my life.  Let me return to You each day as though I’d never been away.  Flow in upon me, wash over me and carry away the debris of daily life.  Flotsam and jetsam too much for me, float like foam upon your waves.  My sands pristine and ready for tomorrow.  With eyes of faith, I  see Your footprints on the shore.

I wrote these lines  this morning and just a bit ago thanks to the Anchoress found this from Zoe at that goes beyond my thoughts.

From Flannery O’Connor’s letter to Alfred Corn on May 30, 1962:

Even in the life of a Christian, faith rises and falls like the tides of an invisible sea. It’s there, even when he can’t see it or feel it, if he wants it to be there. You realize, I think, that it is more valuable, more mysterious, altogether more immense than anything you can learn or decide upon in college. Learn what you can, but cultivate Christian scepticism. It will keep you free — not free to do anything you please, but free to be formed by something larger than your intellect or the intellects of those around you.

Lenten Reading Plan – Day 7 – March 4

crucificionicon12Day 7  Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan 3/4/09

St. Ignatius of Antioch: Letter To the Trallians: complete

Day 7 Lite Version

St. Ignatius of Antioch: Letter To the Magnesians: 6-10

Compilation of Lenten readings

Printer-Friendly Version of Outline: Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan PDF

Heresy and Human Nature

Writing here about a heretical concept and human nature in The President, Shock and Awe and Tertullian” Roger Kimball states:

“Many people, I believe, have been stunned by the President’s behavior in his first weeks in office. It’s been a shock and awe performance. Historians of this period will look back in wonder: how ever did a new President waltz into office and, before he had even finished unpacking, extract $800,000,000,000 from taxpayers for partisan spending programs? …. But those historians will note with interest how, even at the beginning of March, some reputable commentators still referred to the President’s poverty program as ‘stimulus package’.”

Tertullian said, that the blessed in heaven would derive pleasure from witnessing the torments of the damned. While heretical, Old Tertullian does have a grasp of human nature, so too, does Obama, who is making hay while the Swells sweat and the Have-nots hoot.  “…it will cause pain among the affluent. It will also cause delight among the more than 43 percent of tax filers who pay no income tax.”

Unfortunately, we’ll all get a glimpse of Hell as this “stimulus package” unfolds.  When it’s actually read , we may find we’re funding Hamas and the Taliban.

Don’t Forget the Angels

Don’t forget about the angels.  They are the guardians of nations as will as persons.  When we pray, and we are humble, we become the “anawin” in Hebrew terms, they are “the little ones” of God, relying on God for all. We are told, “Their angels in heaven always look upon the Face of My heavenly Father.” Matthew 18: 10

Pope Benedict XVI had this to say here.

“We find these figures throughout the Old Testament who help and guide men in the name of God. Just consider the Book of Tobit, in which the figure of the angel Raphael appears to assist the protagonist through many vicissitudes. The reassuring presence of the angel of the Lord accompanies the people of Israel through every event, good and bad.”On the threshold of the New Testament, Gabriel is sent to announce to Zachariah and Mary the joyous happenings that are the beginnings of our salvation; and an angel, whose name is not mentioned, warns Joseph, directing him in that moment of uncertainty.

“A chorus of angels reports the glad tidings of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds, as the glad tidings of his resurrection will also be announced by angels to the women. At the end of time the angels will accompany Jesus in his glorious return.”

“We would take away a significant part of the Gospel if we left aside these beings sent by God to announce his presence among us and be a sign of that presence.” “Let us,” he said, “call upon them often, that they sustain us in the task of following Jesus to the point of identifying ourselves with him.”

That Your Joy May Be Full!

Good Morning, Everyone!  This is a good day, even particularly in a troubled world, to praise the Lord.

As the day begins, this antiphon from today’s Office of Readings sounds in God’s ear, rising from the lips of those praying around the world.

“Lord, You know the burden of my sorrow.”

God’s response is, “Ask that you may receive and your joy will be full.”


“Rise up Lord in defense of Your people.  Do not hide Your Face from our